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Seasonal Weight Restrictions

February 2, 2024  |  News

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Town of Garfield, Jackson County


The Town of Garfield, Jackson County will be imposing seasonal restrictions on all Town Roads. The effective date for these restrictions is February 2, 2024. The posted limit will become effective once the signs are in place. Signs will be placed at various intersections advising the public that weight limits are in effect for that Town Road.


The Town of Garfield encourages everyone to complete their heavy hauling BEFORE or wait until AFTER the weight restrictions are in effect and when the roads are in condition for heavier weights.


Spring weight limit restrictions are a necessity for the economic longevity and immediate structural stability of roads that without restriction will seriously deteriorate when the underlying ground is weak and mushy from melting frost.


These weight restrictions are for the Town of Garfield Only. Any weight on State, County, City and Village or other Town roads are handled by each individual entity. However, the Town of Garfield will coordinate/time our seasonal restrictions with the Jackson County Highway Department.  


The seasonal weight restrictions for the Town of Garfield are as follows:


Total Number of Axles

Maximum Gross Weight

Two (2) Axles

 8 Ton (16,000 lbs.)

Three (3) or More Axles (Straight Truck)

13 Ton (26,000 lbs.)

Combination Vehicle (Tractor & Trailer)

18 Ton (36,000 lbs.)


Signs will be placed at strategic intersections advising the public of specific weight restrictions in effect on the particular highway. Please watch for the signs!


Restrictions will remain in effect until all our Town roads have regained their strength.  This date is weather dependent, but on average occurs around the middle part of April each year.




Steven V. Dickinsen, Town Chair



Dated: February 2, 2024


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