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Jackson County Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Survey

August 11, 2023  |  News

Jackson County Wisconsin, 08.09.2023 – We are pleased to announce an important step towards shaping a brighter future for Jackson County through the launch of an in-depth survey and request for your active participation in the development of our comprehensive plan.

Jackson County is committed to supporting our communities, and to facilitate this growth, we are initiating a detailed survey designed to capture the diverse perspectives, hopes, and concerns of our residents, businesses, and stakeholders. This survey serves as a foundation for building a Comprehensive Plan that reflects our collective vision for the years to come.

Key objectives of the survey include:

1. Participation: We are committed to ensuring that every voice in our community is heard. The survey is open to all, providing an opportunity for residents, local leaders, businesses, and organizations to contribute their insights, goals and ideas.

2. Understanding: The survey will delve into a wide range of topics, including housing, transportation, economic development, child care, education, environmental sustainability, and planned growth.

3. Our Future: This Survey and the resulting plan will address both the current challenges and those that lie ahead. The insights collected through the survey will guide our strategic decisions in pursuit of planned growth, a sustainable future and a better Jackson County for our children and grandchildren.

    “This survey is essential to gain community input for the comprehensive planning process. We invite every member of our community to actively engage in this effort. Your input, ideas, and perspectives are essential as we make investments in the future of your community.” ~Jon Bingol MRRPC Executive Director

To participate in the survey and contribute to the development of a comprehensive plan, please visit and select Jackson County Comprehensive Plan Community Survey. Your involvement will play a crucial role in shaping the future we all aspire to build together.

For more information about the survey or our comprehensive planning efforts, please contact:

For media inquiries, please contact: Ken Harwood Mississippi River Regional Planning Commision (MRRPC) Office - 608.785.9396 Cell - 608.334.2174

About MRRPC: The Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC) represents nine counties located within the Driftless Region in Western Wisconsin. We provide planning and economic development services to improve the Region’s environment, economy, and quality of life. Great jobs, thriving tourism, good healthcare, prosperous industry, and a healthy agriculture system are all key to the long term success of the region. Great plans facilitate this development

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