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Notice is hereby given that a PreLAT and Public Test of the voting equipment will be held on Monday March 26, 2024  in the Garfield Town Hall, N12915 W. Hillcrest Rd, Osseo, WI 54758 at 2:00 p.m. The Public is welcome to attend. The town hall is handicapped accessible.


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Jackson County Broadband Survey

June 26, 2023  |  News

The Wisconsin Broadband Office needs help from all WI households to improve internet access, affordability, and adoption


June 2023


MADISON – The Wisconsin Broadband Office, in an effort to understand Wisconsinites’ experience with internet, their needs and barriers, and network performance, are encouraging all households to take the Wisconsin Internet Self-Report (WISER) survey. This information will help shape the state's and Jackson County’s internet planning efforts.


WISER is an online survey with a speed test; it is designed to capture the complexity of residents’ experience with internet service or lack thereof (e.g., service quality, cost burden, and more) so the Wisconsin Broadband Office can accurately understand a variety of broadband needs. Through this collaborative effort with all WI residents, we will be able to further improve internet access, understand associated costs, and support internet adoption for Wisconsin residents by identifying areas where internet is not available, too expensive, underperforming, or intimidating to subscribe. The survey is confidential and the number of responses will be visualized in an online mapping tool.


The WISER survey is available online HERE or via phone by calling 608-261-6026.  The WISER survey can also be found on the county’s website Broadband - Jackson County, WI


"Our team is committed to improving Wisconsin’s internet planning efforts, because we want to see Wisconsin businesses and households close the digital divide. Survey and speed test participation is critical to our planning efforts because these data points allow us to better understand how people use the internet, what challenges they experience, and any barriers to internet adoption. Without this information, we are more limited in our planning and strategic efforts," says Alyssa Kenney, State Broadband and Digital Equity Director at the Wisconsin Broadband Office within the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Broadband Office is committed to understanding communities’ internet needs and providing this essential service to enable participation in our increasingly digital society, for the growth and prosperity of our state.


Households in Jackson County can contact their county officials, Cindy Alman, 715-284-0268, for more information about the survey. Every survey response counts!


About the Wisconsin Broadband Office: The mission of the Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) is to make high speed internet service accessible and affordable for all Wisconsinites. As part of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, WBO leads statewide efforts to expand broadband access, affordability, and adoption. WBO provides support to residents seeking internet access, manages broadband grant programs, compiles broadband service maps, and builds capacity through planning and outreach. Our vision is that all Wisconsinites have access to affordable broadband service and equitably share in the benefits of broadband technology.


For media inquiries, please contact: Cindy Altman, 715-284-0268,

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