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May 10, 2016 Regular Meeting - Town of Garfield

Town of Garfield Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 – 6:30 pm
Garfield Town Hall

Chairman Dickinsen called the regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Garfield to order on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 6:35 p.m. in the town hall on Hillcrest Road. Present were Chairman Steve Dickinsen, First Supervisor Lamoine Hanson, Treasurer Clark Walker, and Clerk Ardy Robertson. Second Supervisor Glenn Fremstad was absent. Meeting notice verified. Also in attendance were road patrolman Don Brasda, Alice Glavin, Kevin Anderson, Pat Kranz, and Gerald and Susan Fox.

Ardy Robertson read the minutes of the April 12, 2016 regular board meeting. Motion made by Dickinsen seconded by Hanson, to approve minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report of income and expenses for April 2016 was presented by Treasurer Clark Walker. Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Hanson, seconded by Dickinsen. Motion carried.

Reconciliation Report presented by Clerk and Treasurer. Motion to approve reconciliation report made by Dickinsen, seconded by Hanson. Motion carried.

Year to date financial report, along with monthly bills were presented by clerk for payment. Dickinsen made a motion, seconded by Hanson, to approve payment of bills. Motion carried.

Correspondence: Clean Sweep of Hazardous Waste will be held June 11th at our recycling center. We received a letter from our insurance company stating that our equipment will not be insured if it is older than 10 years. We will look at other options when the policy is near renewal.

Recycling Center: Board reviewed an estimate from Kevin Anderson to replace the sliding door in the recycling center with an overhead door with an opener. Hanson made a motion to accept the bid, seconded by Dickinsen. Motion carried.

Roads: We received a check from the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation, in the amount of $61,594.48 which is 75 percent of the total estimated cost of the flood damage incurred in September, 2015.

Pat Kranz was present to respond to our requests for bids on road projects. He presented his proposals to the board for consideration:
• Bluff View Road - $17,452
• Sand Lane, north end - $13,665
• Sand Lane, south by Kay Road - $8,995
• Rindahl Valley Road culvert on S Curve – $4,914
• Crave Road culvert and ditching – $2,765
Motion by Dickinsen to accept Kranz’ proposal for Bluff View, Sand Land north and south sections, and Crave Road projects. Hanson seconded, and the motion carried.

Other proposals were for gravel, per ton, for roads, including Scotch Pine Road, east end of Sumac Road, west end of Requa Road, culdesac on River Road, East Hillcrest. Bid per ton of $12.45/ton delivered and shaped using the town’s grader if operator is available. Scott Construction is $11.45/ton with the same shaping. Dickinsen made a motion to award the gravel bid to Scott Construction. Motion seconded by Hanson and carried.

Kranz and Brasda drove to Sand Lane to view the situation and make a decision on a course of action. Kranz will send a proposal to the board on this. Dickinsen will check on 50/50 funding from the county.

The Ho Chunk Nation has agreed to pay for our road work on Old 27 Road. We are awaiting the funding.

Building information permit application requests – from Mark Lutzen, for a 24x36 shed. Payment of $25 made. Motion by Hanson, seconded by Dickinsen, to approve. Motion carried. Building information permit application received from Paul Nyborg to build storage building. Payment of $25 made. Motion by Hanson, seconded by Dickinsen, to approve application. Motion carried.

Next Meeting – will be held on Tuesday, June 14, at 6:30 p.m. Motion to adjourn made by Hanson, seconded by Dickinsen, and carried. Meeting adjourned.

Ardy Robertson, Clerk


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